Standard Cooking Class

Are you passionate about cooking and would like to enjoy a unique culinary experience in the magical setting of Castello Sonnino? We are excited to present our Cooking Class, a special event where you will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of traditional Tuscan cuisine with our family cook!

€ 95 /per person

Facility services

Car Parking

Wi-fi Connection

Accepts Credit Cards

With the possibility of overnight stay

During this unforgettable day, we will warmly welcome you into the heart of our castle, surrounded by centuries of history and tradition.

Our family cook, an authentic expert in local recipes handed down from generation to generation, will be your guide on this culinary journey. We will start the Cooking Class with an introduction to Tuscan cuisine and its typical ingredients.

You will discover how to select the best ingredients and how to use them to create delicious dishes. The cook will share with you secrets and techniques for preparing a range of traditional recipes, from the famous ribollita to homemade pappardelle, from wild boar stew to tiramisu.

During the course, you will have the opportunity to “get your hands dirty” and experiment for yourself, learning the right doses, cooking times and all the tricks for bringing authentic Tuscan masterpieces to the table. After the exciting cooking session, we will get together to enjoy the dishes you have prepared. Dining in the magnificent castle hall, surrounded by ancient walls and historical frescoes, will make this experience even more memorable.

But our Cooking Class doesn’t end there! To complete your culinary journey, we will taste a selection of Castello Sonnino’s finest wines, specially chosen to perfectly match the dishes you have prepared. This is a unique opportunity to get closer to the culinary culture of Tuscany and experience the charm of Castello Sonnino like never before.

Our family chef will accompany you on this culinary journey, providing inspiration and skills that you can take with you for life. We look forward to sharing this unforgettable experience with you and making you feel part of our family, immersed in the magic of Castello Sonnino. Book your Cooking Class now and get ready for a day of taste, tradition and conviviality. We look forward to welcoming you!