Wine Tasting Gourmet

Wine Tasting Gourmet will give our guests the opportunity to include a brief gastronomic experience in the wine tasting.

Very useful to understand wine pairings, it does not give the same depth as our lunch, but it is a window into the world of gastronomic wine pairing in Chianti

€ 37 /per person

Facility services

Car Parking

Wi-fi Connection

Accepts Credit Cards

With the possibility of overnight stay

What is included

  • Wine tour
  • Selection of 3 Sonnino Wines (1 white/rose’, 1 vintage red, the Chianti Montespertoli Riserva)
  • Gastronomic Pairing – A selection of local products that will include cheese, cold cuts, honey and jam so to enhance the wine experience through culinary pairing. The honey and jam come from our farm, while the cheese and cold cuts come from animals that have been fed with Castello